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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Testimony & Calling

I’m Richyll Honey Torredes, better known as “Che-Che” I’m a full-time missionary of IT Philippines-Youth Mobilization Team, serving as its office administrator and (Touch Trip) mission’s coordinator.


Before I came to know Him, I was haunted by my experiences during my childhood days, a shaky past which put a strain throughout my teenage life. My parents separated when I was little and I grew up without a father figure. Growing up in a strong religious background with complicating family issues and beliefs drew me into occult practices and vices that led me to be rebellious and emotionally disturbed. Feeling so lonely and wasted, I was so desperate and in search for parental love.

One afternoon in September 2002, my friend introduced me to his best friend who later on invited me to a youth fellowship. That led me to hunger and thirst for the truth and because the fellowship made me feel so secured, I was led to God’s salvation. For the first time, I felt that I belong to Someone who truly loves me.

Truly indeed, I became a new creation and received freedom from the bondages of my past and my life would never be the same again. I received His security, comfort and strength more than I could ask or imagine. My joy was complete and He became the Father I have been searching for.
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. (2 Corinthians 5:17)


In September 2003, God brought me to England for 4 months to experience cross cultural missions as part of our church exchange program. The experience I had in UK was surreal. I wasn’t expecting that I will be able to travel to the place I once dreamt of when I was only a child. Chosen among many others, who were more qualified than I am, it was truly a miracle. I felt so special and my heart became so curious and concerned about His future plan for me. For three months I prayed and searched for answers and I earnestly sought His revelation why He brought me there. In January 2004, two weeks before we head back home, he gave me an answer.

Clearly as I recall, it was a freezing Saturday night. The worship seminar we were attending was drawing to a close. The pastor came to prophesy for seven people from our group, after sharing a wonderful sermon about worship and God’s calling. I was one of the seven who were called and received confirmation from God. In that moment, I can’t believe what I heard from him and I consciously asked myself, “How can the pastor know what I am praying for since I don’t know him”? There is only one explanation; it was God who spoke through that person. It’s been more than eight years now but I can still clearly recall the words spoken to me that night, “Che-Che you will walk in this place again and again and you will also walk in other lands for you have a calling for the nations. Do not under estimate the depth of the gift God has given you. Remain teachable and set yourself in seasons of training for you will win souls for Christ.”

That moment was indeed a life changing experience, for I have received my missionary calling to be God’s witness to the nations. Two weeks later I decided to join the Youth Mobilization team as one of its full time worker. Eight years later, I have witnessed and I know I will continue to witness the fulfillment of God’s call and purpose for my life.