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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Touch Trip Bicol April 13-17 2009

Touch Trip Bicol Post Evaluation Report- 2 June 2009

Brief Description:

Where: Lagonoy, Cam Sur, Bicol

When: April 13-17 2009

What: Vacation Bible School

Church: Christ to the Philippines and Judah Rey

On April 13-17 2009 Youth Mobilization organized a mission trip in Lagonoy, Cam Sur Bicol. Our purpose is to conduct a VBS program and bring 15 youth leaders to experience missions. In partnership with Christ to the Philippines and Judah Rey, these churches are served by Pastor Slyvia Borromeo and Hermie Guerrero.

The mission trip has reaped a wonderful stories and testimonies. Though we haven’t reached the acquired target participants to join the program, due of various reasons and issues; God is able to provide us 6 youth participants from 2 of our existing partner churches (JKKCC and Jesus Church of Faith). We ministered to 150 kids in the local elementary school, provided by the area government. We did crafts, games and reenactment of bible stories from our “Power Kids” lesson plan.

The place we stayed for a week was amazing; the place is a total paradise; clear water and wonderful rivers.

Those children we ministered were more than amazing compared to the wonderful scenery we’ve seen, even though we suffered hot days and played so much in the sun. The kids enjoyed every bits of what we shared to them, the love of Christ. We were amazed to hear also the testimony of one of the workers of the local church; she said that we were an answered prayer to them. I startled when she shared that the last VBS they had was when they were kids. The lady is now in her early 40’s and she is a result of that ministry. I couldn’t imagine decades pass since they had summer VBS. Definitely; I was challenge and struck by what she shared. I saw the need of investing to the young ones for they are the next generation of leaders and workers.

Returning home from a mission’s trip was a remarkable experience, I saw a great need and it was a life-changing experience. Six young people went home carrying each others burdens, blessed and challenged by their experiences. Churches were also blessed and kids received God’s abounding love. We went home victorious, to God be all the Glory and Honor.

Written by:

Richyll Honey "Che" Torredes- Touch Trip Coordinator

Touch Trip Bicol April 13-17 2009